All AGM mailboxes are a modular system constructed from 3mm extruded aluminium and 1.2mm sheet that is anodised to 15 micron.
All doors are of extruded aluminium construction with structural ribbing for greater strength and are fitted with stainless steel hinge pins & nylon washer on the ends of each door.
Anodising is a clear coating that is 30% harder than stainless steel and protects the aluminium from corrosion & marking.
We use quality Australian made cam locks with no identification numbers on the face for your security.


  • A large colour range is available
  • AGM Security Mailboxes has been established since 1996
  • Our range can be manufactured to suit the clients requirements

Here at AGM Security Mailboxes, we have been in the business of supplying Australian made Australia Post approved, security letterboxes for nearly 30 years, and although based in Melbourne we can supply regional centres across the whole of the country, shipped directly to you.

We specialise in multi unit letterboxes for flats, retirement villages, factory & businesses complexes, shopping centres, hotels, university student accommodation, and other organisations where a bank of mail boxes is the preferred option. Our range of 4 styles of multiple letter boxes are made to order and made to last, using Australian made locks.

The Premier Range: Classic or Slimline or the Budget Range: Regent or Compact, have greater flexibility which is our strength as a business, and we can configure your multiple letterboxes in Melbourne, Australia, to your specific requirements. Whether you require a bank of as few as 2 letterboxes or as many as several hundred you can be assured of your requirements being fulfilled and with many options of mounting your mail boxes, we have yet to encounter a situation or circumstances where we have been unable to act upon a client’s needs.

Our collection of multi letter boxes, made in Melbourne, Australia, can be mounted on posts, bolted to walls, bricked in, or fitted into or on fencing and are equally at home either indoors or outdoors. Constructed from extremely strong and durable extruded aluminium, which is then anodised for even greater durability, all of our mail boxes are rust and weather proof – even resistant to the harshest elements of our Australian climate – and require virtual no maintenance to keep them looking good for years.

If a high volume of mail is encountered we recommend our range of Classic letter boxes, which is (ideally for corporate use) variations are available and include triple body boxes, additional paper shelves, and banks can be mounted back-to-back in order to save space. An additional option of a powder coat finish is available in a selection of colours to enhance your building entrance or foyer.

Whilst all of our multi letter boxes from Melbourne, Australia are designed with security in mind, our Slimline letterbox is considered to be the ultimate vandal and tamper proof box on the market and clearly has many advantages in different settings.

But if space is at a premium, and especially if a high number of mail boxes are required, our Budget compact version may be the best choice for you, as many more of this range these can be fitted into a same sized space that would could be occupied by our Classic Slimline or Regent range.

However, should you require single mailboxes we can cater for your needs, whether it be for domestic or commercial situations, we can find a right solution for you. All our boxes come with a 10-YEAR WARRANTY. Classic, Regent and Budget range are (front opening only) letterboxes.

The Slimline range are available in (front or rear opening) configurations.

At AGM we manufacture quality letterboxes for all situations and requirements, letterboxes for apartments, gyms, schools, and businesses are all within our capability, and our commitment to service is second to none. Whenever you may want multiple mailboxes from Melbourne, Australia, you can be assured that at AGM, we will deliver the goods.

Installation services: and the disposal of old mailbox units are available in the greater Melbourne area only.

Despite the increase in the volume of electronic mail there is still a considerable demand for high quality, secure letterboxes to receive certified mail. This is particularly so for many types of business or organisation where banks of letterboxes are required for individual staff, students or tenants requiring letterboxes for apartments.

At AGM Security Mailboxes we supply high quality Australian made security letterboxes that are shipped not only throughout Melbourne but nationwide.  Our range of 4 styles of A4 commercial letterboxes cover all requirements, offering high volume capacity, space saving and extra security. Made from extruded aluminium and featuring additional reinforcements, our multiple mailboxes from Melbourne are not only highly functional but are available in a selection of powder coated finishes to enhance their immediate environment.

Our banks of multi letter boxes manufactured in our Melbourne factory to Australia Post Standards but can be configured to meet your specifications – you can choose as many rows and columns as you require – we can even supply single boxes and add to your existing configuration should the need arise.

When you purchase our multiple bank letterboxes for your location, you can be sure that you are receiving a top-quality water proof product that comes with a 10-year structural warranty and has the versatility to be mounted to walls, posts and fencing.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, our letterboxes are for commercial, apartment & educational centres, etc and will give you a life time of peace of mind – even if our Australian made locks are compromised, as we also provide a lock replacement service in the Melbourne region only.

Despite the popularity of electronic communications, there is still a significant demand for conventional letterboxes and this is particularly true where large buildings have multiple occupancy such as office blocks or apartment buildings. In these circumstances banks of letterboxes are the preferred option and here at AGM Security Mailboxes we supply a range of highly durable, anodised aluminium security letterboxes that are suitable for apartments and offices.

Your choice of mailbox will be dependant on your needs; all of our apartment letterboxes will accommodate A4 sized mail without folding, but if you experience a high volume of mail, then our Classic style mailboxes for flats will be ideal for you as they have the greatest capacity. But if space is at a premium, the smallest of the range, our Budget mailbox, which only offers front opening will be best for you, whilst the Slimline offers a compromise between these two but is undoubtedly the most rugged and is virtually vandal proof.

All of our domestic and commercial letterboxes can be installed or mounted indoors or out, and you also have the option of having them freestanding, mounted on posts, fixed to a wall or even bricked in, with only the front of the mailbox visible.

All that you are required to do is to determine which style and colour of mailbox you require and in what quantity; we can manufacture modular mailboxes to your particular requirements. We have been successfully supplying quality Australian made letterboxes across the country for over a quarter of a century!

Should you be searching for letterboxes for apartments or mail boxes for flats, here at AGM Security Mailboxes we can supply the solution to your problem. With close to three decades of supplying and installing a range of Australian made security letterboxes, not just for apartment blocks but to schools, hospitals and other commercial premises wherever there is a need for multiple letterboxes in Melbourne and other regions around Australia, our experience is second to none.

With 4 basic designs of our commercial letterboxes – all of which can accept mail of up to A4 size without folding – but countless options on sizing and configuration, your choices are virtually limitless, and that’s before you factor in a wide range of colours that are available too.

Our multi mail boxes made in Melbourne, Australia are manufactured to an extremely high standard which is backed by a 10-year warranty. Whether you locate your choice of apartment letterboxes inside or outside of your premises they will provide a secure and weather proof home for your mail, being constructed from anodised aluminium ensures that they will repel unwanted attention from neighbours and the harshest elements of our climate.

Whether you need multi letter boxes in Melbourne, or elsewhere in Australia, that fit to a brick or concrete wall, a wooden fence or directly onto posts we can supply exactly what you need – and at any time in the future you should discover that you need to expand you block of multiple mailboxes in Melbourne, Australia, we will be more than happy to oblige.

Amongst the features that determine the quality of a letterbox, security and durability will be at the top of the list when you come to select your commercial or apartment letterboxes, and the AGM range of Australian made security letterboxes will not let you down in either respect.

AGM produce and supply a range of 4 styles of multiple letterboxes, made in Melbourne, Australia that can be configured to meet your needs and can be positioned indoors or outdoors, all at your convenience or preference. 

What all the multiple mailboxes produced in Melbourne by AGM have in common, is that the Classic, Slimline, Regent & Kompact types are made from sheet & extruded aluminium which will never rust, which keeps them lightweight & whether proof and extremely hard wearing. 

The electrochemical process of anodising produces a coating that is rated as hard as rubys and will never flake off or peel, they are also available in a paint finish with a wide range of colours to suit or location.

 AGM multiple letter boxes can be shipped across Australia, to your location.

The robustness of these multi mailboxes available not only in Melbourne but and across Australia, and we only use high quality Australian made locks that will never let you down. 

Delivering exceptional quality backed by a 10-year warranty.

If you need letterboxes for apartments, mail boxes for flats or multiple mailboxes in Melbourne and elsewhere in Australia, AGM can efficiently meet your needs with quick turnaround times; they have been successfully supplying outstanding multi letter boxes to clients in Melbourne and across Australia for more than a quarter of a century.


Our range consists of the Classic, Slimline & Budget Types of mailboxes & will accepted A4 mail without folding. Designed and made to meet Australian Post Preferred specifications.

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